Vendor Guide Tips

It’s no secret that planning a wedding can be stressful especially in choosing all the necessary vendors for the big day. There are numerous factors that go into deciding the perfect vendor….your style, your personality and most importantly your budget. You should always do your research plus have your budget in mind before talking to any vendors to make sure you are not wasting your time. The number one tip I tell my clients is to always prioritize your wants versus your needs. If you are obsessed with a certain Photographer, then maybe cut back on Cinematography, Décor, or some else lower on the list. This way you can still get what you want and stay within your ideal budget. 

The next tip would be to have a consultation call with the vendor to make sure your style matches their personality.  Use social media as your tool to check out the most recent events that the vendors have done. Also feel free to ask vendors for their most recent portfolio. Many of them already have standard portfolio available for clients to browse through. 

The next tip would be to always ask for reference. Feel free to ask the vendor if there are any past clients that you can reach out to get feedback from as well. Every reference in wedding industry is based on word of mouth so this would be the best way to get to know the vendors before you even sign the contract. Once all the research and prep works are done, it is time for you to meet your top vendors in person. Make sure to ask yourself if this vendor can bring your vision to life? How are their time management skills? Do they take multiple events on the same day?  Do they match your personality?

Now it is time for you to sign the contract with the vendor of your choice. Make sure to look through everything before signing the contract. Look for key items like additional cost, late fees, location and day of the wedding. Make sure to have any additional details in writing so that everyone is on the same page when the day of the wedding comes.  Make sure to make copies of all the signed contracts for your record as well. Keep a calendar for all the remaining payment so that you are not charged a late fee. 

Hopefully with these tips in place, you are less stressed about choosing the perfect vendor for your fairytale wedding. The most important thing to remember is to have fun and enjoy your wedding with your family and friends!!!!

Style Board: F.R.I.E.N.D.S Themed Bridal shower

Have you ever wandered on how to throw the ultimate F.R.I.E.N.D.S themed bridal shower.  We had the opportunity to throw an awesome bridal shower for my best friend. We were able to recreate some of the best memories from the show and the bride was absolutely surprised by the amount of details!!  Hope you enjoy this episode of The One With Beena's Bridal Shower  


Coffee & Barista: Grizzaffi Coffee

FRIENDS Logo Stationary: A&P Designs

Favors: Etsy

Cake: Cilies

Invitation: Etsy

Orange Sofa Cover & Candy Jars: Amazon



Yacht Party Tips by Tropicalboat Charters

Ever wanted to throw a Yacht Party for your next event? We had the pleasure of working with Tropicalboat Charters in Miami for a surprise 30th bday party. Nothing can compare to a luxury private yacht experience with your every need tended to by a professional, dedicated crew. Kate from Tropicalboat Charters  shares with us some valuable tips to consider if you are planning to celebrate your next event on the water. 

-          Private yachts can be hired only through specialized charter brokers. While there are many brokers, some might be better than others and it is important that you will find one that is well-versed in charter regulations (this alone can make or break your charter!), and is experienced in yacht charter industry. Reputable broker should be able to  recommend an appropriate yacht and crew for your event, needs, and budget. They should also be able to explain all procedures, and be available to answer all your questions and concerns. Our agents have already extensively researched the market and will be happy to connect you with only the finest yachts and brokers! 

-          Bear in mind total number of guests. Charter yachts cannot legally charter with more than 13 passengers. If you happen to have more than 13 then you will need specialized Coast Guard Inspected Vessel, a so called a “party yacht”. Party yachts are certified and legal to carry more than 13 passengers and are the only option for groups over 13 guests. 

-          Plan ahead for food and drinks. Regular 13 passenger yachts typically do include sodas, bottled water, as well as cooler with ice and guests are welcome to bring any additional drinks, alcohols, and food them. When it comes to “party yachts” you will normally be required to purchase all food, drinks, and alcohols from the yacht. 

-          Keep an eye for any extra charges! While the yachts’ fees always include the crew, fuel, and dockages fees, there may be some extra charges you may not even think about. One of such charges would be the sales tax. Like every industry yachting is not an exception to sales tax, and depending on the county your tax can be 6% or 7%. Another extra cost will probably be gratuity for the crew. Just like in any service business your crew will expect to be tipped. The yachting industry standard for tipping is between 10% and 20% of the charter total before tax. The percentage is normally given based on the level of service received, and is handled at your discretion between you and the crew. 

-          Do communicate with your crew! Once you reserve the yacht and take care of all the financials, your agent should give you contact information to your captain. Make the most out of it – you’ll be able to discuss your itinerary with the crew, any special requests that you might have, and all details of the charter. This is really your time to make sure the crew will leave nothing to chance!

-          Be aware of the “barefoot rule”. Many (especially the finest, most reputable) yachts request that no shoes are being worn in the cabin and / or on deck. If that is the case the crew will normally provide a basket to deposit your shoes. This is quite normal and part of the “yachting etiquette”. Even the yacht owners take the shoes off on their own yachts! 

-          Be aware that smoking may not be permitted at all or may be only in designated areas – please check ahead with your agent. 

-          If children are onboard please make sure they have adequate care – the yacht’s crew will do their outmost to serve, clean, and entertain, but they will not be the childcare, so it’s important that all children are always under adequate adult supervision. 

-          Finally don’t forget to bring a fabulous tropical mood with you, and start creating some unforgettable sun-drenched memories! 

Make sure to check them out at Caribbean Yacht Charters as well

Bridal Henna Tips by Alisha Ladha

Ever wondered on how to choose the perfect Bridal Henna Designs and how to take care of it. Enjoy this article by our preferred vendor Alisha of AlishaHenna on tips/guides on choosing the perfect Henna

How to pick henna coverage?

Henna coverage depends on the person who is getting the henna done. Traditionally, henna is applied from the tips of the fingers to about the crease of the elbow. Also, this is on the front and the back of the hands. For the feet, the henna is applied from the tips of the toes to the mid-calf. Nowadays, the coverage depends on the person varying from simple, medium or heavy coverage.  There is no right or wrong type of coverage, it just depends on your love of henna.

How to pick henna designs?

The best designs come from the artist’s free hand and creativity. Many artists have their own style or combinations of styles. There are also many artists that can replicate any design a bride likes, so as long the bride is able to provide the original artist to provide credit for their work. However, many designs are not made for all types of hands and feet. More often, giving the artist a blank canvas can produce the most beautiful and individualized designs for the bride.

How to care for henna?

Henna is best applied 2 to 3 days prior to an event. The darkness of the henna depends on so many factors. Natural henna, especially when freshly made can increase the chances of getting a rich dark color. After the henna is applied, allow the henna to dry complete. Traditionally, lemon and sugar water is dabbed on with a cotton ball to create a sticky layer to keep the henna from falling off at night while sleeping. If you decide not to keep the henna on all night, the least that can be done to ensure a you do not put any water on your hands or feet for 24 hours.

Photography: Sona Photography & Castorina Photography

Styling Board: Rose Quartz and Serenity

Pantone has selected two beautiful shades of colors for the Color of the year. Rose Quartz and Serenity creates an absolutely amazing palette for weddings this year. We put together some ideas with this beautiful color theme especially for spring/summer wedding. Enjoy!!

Sweets: Style Mix

Shoes: Valentino

Table Setting : Bridal Musings

Centerpieces: Abricoe Designs

Wedding Dress: Indian Fashion


Styling Board: Peacock Colors

Today’s inspiration focuses on the color palate purple and teal. This color combination is one of the most common colors for Indian weddings.  This beautiful color palate combined with gold accents are a must for Indian weddings. The use of peacock feathers are seen with this color palate to embrace Indian culture. The gold accents can be used anywhere such as gold overlays, gold charger plates or even gold henna design gobos.

Main Stage/ Décor: Maharani Weddings

Cake: EverygirlWedding

Bridal Attire: South Asian Bride Magazine

Table Cards: Pinterest

Styling Board: Luscious Pink

Today’s inspiration focuses on the color palate hot pink and gold. This color combination brings a rich and luxurious ambiance for any wedding. The luscious pink color combined with gold accents are absolutely stunning. The tall cluster of blooming floral arrangements with the colorful floral runners makes a bold statement for any type of wedding. Enjoy!!

Stationery: Via Pinterest

Bridal Attire: Designer Collection Suneet Varma via Indian Wedding Site

Bridal Gown: Sophia Tolli Spring Collection

Décor: Maharani Weddings

Photography: Storymotion & J. Cogliandro Photography

Styling Board: Jump into Spring with Yellow

Today’s inspiration focuses on a fun and playful color, yellow. Spring has officially arrived and this is a perfect color for weddings. The electric yellow color with a combination of shimmering silver adds luxury and elegance to any event.

Mandap: Blue Van Designs

Stage: MarryMeWeddings

Table Setting: Maharani Weddings

Bridal Attire: Shaadi Bazaar

Bridal Bouquet: Southern Blue Celebrations

Photography: Harvard Photography

Styling Board: Red & Gold

It’s that time of the year again where love is in the air. Today’s inspiration is based on the color of love. The colors red and gold provide a classic and sophisticated look for a wedding.  This color combination is both elegant and luxurious. The extravagant draping of the red floral arrangements creates the perfect ambiance for an evening to remember.

Table Setting & Décor: Bella by Sara

Floral: Belle by Sara & Amina Michael

Wedding Attire: Shaadi Bazaar

Photography:  Cari Wible Photography

Styling Board: Pink, Orange & Gold

This fun and colorful color palate is a great inspiration for Indian weddings. The bold shades of pink and orange with gold accents are the perfect colors for a traditional Indian weddings. The gold accents are used to provide a good balance between the pink and orange colors to deliver a breathtaking ambiance.

Table Setting: Via Pinterest

Floral & Photography: Syphotography

Invitations: Zazzle

Cake: ModWedding

Indian Attire: Shaadi Bazaar

Color Inspiration: Presenting Marsala Color of 2015

Pantone announced Marsala as the color of 2015. Much like the sophistication and richness of its namesake wine, the color Marsala will add elegance and grace. With an undertone of red and brown, this color will add the perfect drama to a wedding affair.

Wedding Attire: Indian Wedding Site

Invitations: BridalTweet

Cake: Style Me Pretty

Bridal Bouquet: Rountree Florals via Style Me Pretty

Table Setting:  FlirtyFleurs

Color Inspiration: Mint & Gold

This color scheme brings a playful atmosphere to any event. With the cool and fresh feeling of mint combined with the rich and luxurious feeling of gold would provide the perfect combination for your wedding day. The gold accent can be used anywhere such as dinnerware and stationary to make a bold glamorous statement. Enjoy!

Wedding Attire: MySahaadi via Pinterest

Cake: Confetti Daydreams

Table Setting: Ruffled

Color Inspiration: The Great Gatsby

Today’s inspiration is based on the 1920s Great Gatsby. Black and gold with lots of pearls and feathers are the main focus for The Great Gatsby themed wedding. This styling board is sophisticated and bold which is the perfect theme for a formal evening affair.

Dress- Via Pinterest

Table Setting:

Place Cards. The Yes Girls Events via Style Unveiled

Invitations: Little Dance Invitations


Color Inspiration: Navy & Coral

Today’s inspiration focuses on the color palate navy and coral. This combination is great way to portray a modern fall wedding. Coral was such a big color for spring weddings but adding a hint of navy can bring out a modern twist for fall weddings.  Enjoy!

Décor- Shirvan Designs via Maharani Weddings

Dress – Via Pinterest

Bouquet- BrideinBloomWeddings

Photography- AndrenaPhotography

Table Setting- Via Pinterest