Bridal Henna Tips by Alisha Ladha

Ever wondered on how to choose the perfect Bridal Henna Designs and how to take care of it. Enjoy this article by our preferred vendor Alisha of AlishaHenna on tips/guides on choosing the perfect Henna

How to pick henna coverage?

Henna coverage depends on the person who is getting the henna done. Traditionally, henna is applied from the tips of the fingers to about the crease of the elbow. Also, this is on the front and the back of the hands. For the feet, the henna is applied from the tips of the toes to the mid-calf. Nowadays, the coverage depends on the person varying from simple, medium or heavy coverage.  There is no right or wrong type of coverage, it just depends on your love of henna.

How to pick henna designs?

The best designs come from the artist’s free hand and creativity. Many artists have their own style or combinations of styles. There are also many artists that can replicate any design a bride likes, so as long the bride is able to provide the original artist to provide credit for their work. However, many designs are not made for all types of hands and feet. More often, giving the artist a blank canvas can produce the most beautiful and individualized designs for the bride.

How to care for henna?

Henna is best applied 2 to 3 days prior to an event. The darkness of the henna depends on so many factors. Natural henna, especially when freshly made can increase the chances of getting a rich dark color. After the henna is applied, allow the henna to dry complete. Traditionally, lemon and sugar water is dabbed on with a cotton ball to create a sticky layer to keep the henna from falling off at night while sleeping. If you decide not to keep the henna on all night, the least that can be done to ensure a you do not put any water on your hands or feet for 24 hours.

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Styling Board: Rose Quartz and Serenity

Pantone has selected two beautiful shades of colors for the Color of the year. Rose Quartz and Serenity creates an absolutely amazing palette for weddings this year. We put together some ideas with this beautiful color theme especially for spring/summer wedding. Enjoy!!

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