Yacht Party Tips by Tropicalboat Charters

Ever wanted to throw a Yacht Party for your next event? We had the pleasure of working with Tropicalboat Charters in Miami for a surprise 30th bday party. Nothing can compare to a luxury private yacht experience with your every need tended to by a professional, dedicated crew. Kate from Tropicalboat Charters  shares with us some valuable tips to consider if you are planning to celebrate your next event on the water. 

-          Private yachts can be hired only through specialized charter brokers. While there are many brokers, some might be better than others and it is important that you will find one that is well-versed in charter regulations (this alone can make or break your charter!), and is experienced in yacht charter industry. Reputable broker should be able to  recommend an appropriate yacht and crew for your event, needs, and budget. They should also be able to explain all procedures, and be available to answer all your questions and concerns. Our agents have already extensively researched the market and will be happy to connect you with only the finest yachts and brokers! 

-          Bear in mind total number of guests. Charter yachts cannot legally charter with more than 13 passengers. If you happen to have more than 13 then you will need specialized Coast Guard Inspected Vessel, a so called a “party yacht”. Party yachts are certified and legal to carry more than 13 passengers and are the only option for groups over 13 guests. 

-          Plan ahead for food and drinks. Regular 13 passenger yachts typically do include sodas, bottled water, as well as cooler with ice and guests are welcome to bring any additional drinks, alcohols, and food them. When it comes to “party yachts” you will normally be required to purchase all food, drinks, and alcohols from the yacht. 

-          Keep an eye for any extra charges! While the yachts’ fees always include the crew, fuel, and dockages fees, there may be some extra charges you may not even think about. One of such charges would be the sales tax. Like every industry yachting is not an exception to sales tax, and depending on the county your tax can be 6% or 7%. Another extra cost will probably be gratuity for the crew. Just like in any service business your crew will expect to be tipped. The yachting industry standard for tipping is between 10% and 20% of the charter total before tax. The percentage is normally given based on the level of service received, and is handled at your discretion between you and the crew. 

-          Do communicate with your crew! Once you reserve the yacht and take care of all the financials, your agent should give you contact information to your captain. Make the most out of it – you’ll be able to discuss your itinerary with the crew, any special requests that you might have, and all details of the charter. This is really your time to make sure the crew will leave nothing to chance!

-          Be aware of the “barefoot rule”. Many (especially the finest, most reputable) yachts request that no shoes are being worn in the cabin and / or on deck. If that is the case the crew will normally provide a basket to deposit your shoes. This is quite normal and part of the “yachting etiquette”. Even the yacht owners take the shoes off on their own yachts! 

-          Be aware that smoking may not be permitted at all or may be only in designated areas – please check ahead with your agent. 

-          If children are onboard please make sure they have adequate care – the yacht’s crew will do their outmost to serve, clean, and entertain, but they will not be the childcare, so it’s important that all children are always under adequate adult supervision. 

-          Finally don’t forget to bring a fabulous tropical mood with you, and start creating some unforgettable sun-drenched memories! 

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